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MackSolo Team Update – Day 142 ✈️ 🌍 Mack ...

Macksolo 2022/08/24 09:52:07
MackSolo Team Update – Day 142 ✈️ 🌍
Mack is now in the air and flying the LAST LEG of his #Guinnessworldrecord attempt!! WOOOHOOO!!! 🥳💪


Departure today #Senica, #Slovakia, home of the Shark manufacturer - via Bratislava - to #Sofia, #Bulgaria 🇧🇬, home of his amazing sponsor ICDSoft!!!

Without Dimitar Dimitrov support, the man behind the brand, Mack's dream ✨could not have been fulfilled.

So what is the story here? Why would someone support a 16-year-old flying the world solo?

The answer is: Dreams & Values…
ICDSoft believes in #excellence, reliability, trust, transparency, team work, #passion and remaining true to yourself and your dreams,... Dimitar is passionate about #aviation ✈️ and believed in Mack's dream, allowing for an amazing story to be told. One of grit, #courage, resilience and #passion.

He and his team remained out of the spotlight during Mack's (and Zara's) #worldrecord attempt but, stood by our side all along this incredible #adventure. We want to thank him and his amazing team for everything they made possible. 🙏 Their reliability, friendliness and professionalism was out of the ordinary 👌. No extra mile was too much asking.

Dimitar and many of his ICDSoft team members are also involved in various social and environmental projects. Just like the hummingbird tale and the forest fire, they try to make a difference. Even if it’s a little one. In Dimitar’s case, he literally is the hummingbird helping to combat #Bulgarian forest wildfires 🔥🚒.

Many times, we were wondering how they would gain back from supporting this journey and how we could help. The answer was always, "do not worry". So this is our bid to « give back » by asking you a simple but slightly odd question:

➡️ Ever thought of comparing hosting plans for your existing website? Switching website host?

➡️ Don’t hesitate for a second: the #ICDsoft team have been amazing for us and clearly for thousands of others. This is not a sales pitch (or is it 😅), but check out their 99% positive customer reviews on Trust Pilot. We confirm all that is said. And, you would help out support Mack (and Zara) indirectly, by supporting them.

Thank you ICDSoft 🙏. You are not only "The web hosting company that makes websites Fly", but also the company that helped Mack (and Zare for that matter) spread their wings🦅, fly the world 🌍 and inspire other youngsters to fulfill their dreams!


#guinness #guinnessrecord #aroundtheworld #solo #courage #grit #youngstersmakeadifference #inspire

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