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MackSolo Team Update – Day 141 ✈️ 🌍 Mack ...

Macksolo 2022/08/24 15:53:19
MackSolo Team Update – Day 141 ✈️ 🌍
Mack and Sharky have safely landed in #Sofia, #Bulgaria, the final stop of this around-the-world trip and home of his amazing sponsor ICDSoft!!! Wooohooooooo!!!! 💪🥳

He has now officially broken 2 Guinness World records 🏆🏆:
1. Youngest person to fly around the world solo. Previous record holder: Travis Ludlow
2. Youngest person to fly around the world solo in an Ultra Light aircraft. Previous record holder: Flyzolo (Zara Rutherford)

Let us give you a few statistics about this epic #journey:
* Total time of circumnavigation: 142 days - 5 months and 1 day. His sister Zara took 5 months and 2 days
* Total distance: 29225nm (54124km)
* Total time in the air: 221 hours
* Takeoffs/landings: 68
* Longest flight: 10 hours Japan-USA
* Longest flight over water: 10 hours Japan-USA
* Highest altitude: 12500ft Mexico
* Continents visited: 4
* Countries visited: 30
* Highest temperature: +48C
* Lowest temperature: -12C
* Age at time of record: 17 years, 2 months and 2 days/current record holder, Travis Ludlow: 18 years and 5 months (150 days) - Mack breaks the record by approx 1 year and 3 months
* Aircraft: Shark Aero, one of the fastest ultralight aircraft in the world (up to 300 km/h), designed in the Czech Republic and manufactured in Slovakia.
Thank you everybody for all your help, enthusiasm all along the trip!!!

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we will post much more footage and details of the trip as it becomes available to us!

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