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MackSolo Team Update – Day 95 ✈️ 🌍 Mack ...

Macksolo 2022/07/03 18:46:16
MackSolo Team Update – Day 95 ✈️ 🌍
Mack is still in Dubai and although it was the first working day of the week in Iran today, the visa request is still "waiting for verification" 🙃🥴.

Meanwhile, we've had some questions about Mack's schooling 📚. Well, he has been incredibly lucky to have a very encouraging school. They are supporting him as much as they can remotely and will keep doing so after the journey is over to try to get him back up to speed.

The original plan had been that Mack was going to do one thing at the time: first trying the 🌍 ✈️ RTW, then studying over the summer.

Considering the long delays on his attempt and the fact that Mack has to present his A-levels 🎓 in biology, history, and economics next year, we've had to rethink this slightly. It is indeed very important for him to keep up with school work.

Not much fun, but yes remote studying has to be done!!!

NOT too cool for school 😅😉.

#study #alevels #toocoolforschool #remotelearning

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